Content of the report:

After recording with the aura camera you can get the 23 page report that includes the following:

• Photo of the person and around the person the field of her aura
• Sketch of the person’s body with every chakra and the size of every chakra presented in graphic form
• Conclusion about person’s dominant color based on color analysis, and based on that conclusion about the person’s character
• Graphics of the aura field size
• Analysis of the size of every chakra
• Description of every chakra and analysis of the recorded energy, presented in a graphic form for every chakra
• Graphic display of total balance of the aura and all of the chakras together
• Bio-data analysis, color wheel that analyses ying-yang balance in the energy body
• Graph with analysis of the mind-body-spirit with an indicator what is the person most focused on: mind, body or spirit
• Emotiometer with graphic indicator whether the person is in a state of stress/nervousness or peacefulness
• Status of mind-body with graphic interpretation of the amount of stress in the body and the amount of relaxation
• Stress/relaxation graph
• Energy level graph and vibrational level of the person as a spiritual being
• Analysis of the colors in the aura per sector (left, up, right, center)
• Explanation of the colors in a certain sector

Example of a photo of your aura and all the chakras from the report:

Your personality:

From your aura it is possible to read out your character traits, and in the report you get an analysis of your dominant personality in 18 points. The 18 points are:

1) Physical aspect
2) Emotional aspect
3) Mental aspect
4) Spirituality
5) Motivation
6) Mission in life and life’s vision
7) Growth in life
8) Exercising
9) Recharge of batteries
10) Communication
11) Interaction
12) Romantic relationships
13) Social life, friends
14) Sex, intimacy
15) Money
16) Success
17) Occupation
18) Career

This data can help you better understand yourself and your path in life. For example, point 18 talks about your career and will help you discover in what careers you will find the most easiest and biggest success, while at the same time being happy. That is because you already vibrate at that level. By doing something else (having a different career) you are working “against the current”, and that will make your career (whichever it is) much harder. If you don’t know what career to choose in life than this report might help you find your bearings. If you have already decided often what happens that this report helps people confirm they are on the right path, or helps them make a decision the change the career into one that is more successful for them!

Advice and recommendations on how to improve the quality of your life:

In continuation of the report you get a lot of pages with advice and tips on how to improve your life in these fields.

Areas that the report covers are:

  • Mind and body

  • Social life

  • Relationship and intimacy

  • Career and finances

  • Health, well being and growth

Through this report you will better get to know yourself, and others. A lot of married couples have realized that after the recording they finally realized why their spouse is the way it is, they stopped complaining and finally started cooperating 🙂 We have observed a similar thing happening with the business partners who come to the recording together.

Find out more about the explanation of this report on the page “Expert explanation of the aura camera report”, or click HERE.