The report is very comprehensive and it may be necessary to explain it and point out some things that are written inside, so you can understand it better.

We do recommend you get an expert explanation with us. With a small additional payment you will get a lot of new information first hand, from the person who is an expert in this area.




  • ONLY RECORDING = ₹3000


Expert explanation lasts 20 -25 minutes, so you can see what is important and that you know how to use the report in your everyday life (so you don’t wonder around and make incorrect assumptions). More than that is going deeply into the topic and it is a matter of extensive explanations and a session with a therapyst. That might last for 1 hour and you can make a private booking for that with us at a different time then the recording day.

On a expert explanation you are getting:

  • Explanation of the colors of your aura

  • Explanation of your chakras: which one is for what (in short!) and what is the energy in the chakra based on the size, form, and measured energy and what it actually means when you are reading it from the report

  • Explanation of the size of your aura

  • Explanation of stress and relaxation states and how to connect that with the rest of the report

  • Explanations of other types of auras that exist

  • Explanation of emotiometer and how to connect it to other parts of the report

  • Explanation of ying-yang/male-female energy from graphic representation of the color wheel

  • Explanation of level of vibration of your molecules

  • Explanation of the location of each color in your aura and what it really means (in detail you read the report at home, and we tell you the parts that are not written)

  • Explanation of your personality

In the explanation we mostly focus to explain the report itself and tell you the information that is important for you and are not written clearly, or are not written at all and they are important for you to understand them. The report is anyways very extensive and you will read it at home in peace. We will direct you how to understand it better.

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