We had an opportunity to get recorded with an Aura camera that Vianna Stibal (founder of ThetaHealing® technique) uses at her Theta institute in United States to show people color, form and size of their aura. Vianna uses this camera as an auxiliary tool in her work with the technique of ThetaHealing® and we were thrilled that we had a chance to try it out!

After we have done the recording we got a report on 23 pages with graphs and indicators of our chakras and aura and we were fascinated with all the things that this device can show. What we were getting intuitively using the Theta technique this device has confirmed, and on top of that it gave us a handful of new data and comprehensions about ourselves. We decided to import this camera into Croatia and use it in our work at home and around the world!

Although other aura recording systems are sometimes used in Croatia and other countries this one has proven to be technologically the most advanced and the most modern. It delivers quality and reliable and useful information for the life of a person. It consists of Logitech HD camera, very sophisticated biosensor and the most advanced software that can detect the invisible fields around the person using these devices.




  • ONLY RECORDING = ₹3000


Mumbai: 23.03.2021.
Mumbai: 24.03.2021.

Color, form and size of your aura are some of the information you can find out about yourself through this recording with this Aura camera. Our body is in extremely advanced organism that is constantly processing and transmitting an enormous amount of electrical impulses and biological information. Technology enables us to recognize this data and interpret it in the correct way using old knowledge of ayurveda, acupuncture, chakras and acupressure.

All you need (except a dose of healthy curiosity) is to put your left hand on a specialized biosensor and stay very still and relaxed for a few moments while the sensor collects the necessary data. In approximately 20 – 40 seconds the sensor will collect a lot of information about your electromagnetic field, body temperature, humidity, some organs, and other information that are important for your psychophysical health.

This information is used by the specialized software, along with the knowledge about chakras, ayurveda, acupuncture and other knowledge in order to construct a detailed report on 23 pages.
If you are interested in concrete information, except the color and the size of your aura then it would make sense to read this report. Inside you will find information about your personality, energy level that you have, your vibrational level, relationship between your body, spirit and mind, as well as many advice that can help you improve your health and the quality of your life. We suggest you get the report as well.

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